Social Management

Social Management!

Does your corporate page on Facebook need a refill?

How long have you subscribed to Facebook?

You found many old friends and came into contact with new people. But have you ever wondered if you can do marketing on Facebook? Having a company page clean and cured with engaging post that will call the attention of users is strategic! I can set up your Facebook page and I can also follow and update your company page. Social networks are valuable tools for marketing your business. Facebook in particular offers you advantages and opportunities not to be missed! Marketing on Facebook can make a difference to your business!

The importance of the logo

The importance of the logo

Having a logo and a modern brand is not only important, but fundamental. The logo is the spirit of your business and people tend to give their trust to a company that has a graphic image edited and recognizable. The logo defines an identity and helps people remember it. Play a more important role than any name, ad campaign or site. The logo is the basis from which to create an effective and successful communication. It must give way to be recognized in a short time and consequently it must not be too elaborate or complex to memorize. Functional for all the media that today are there, such as: Web, printing on paper, phone, tablet, teaches etc… It will then be designed in such a way that it can be used anywhere keeping its readability. It will have to last in time, since it does not change often and therefore must be modern even in 10 years.