Brand Identity: Communicating your corporate image

Brand Identity means the multiplicity of aspects that identify a brand with its public. That is to say, the set of graphic elements, of content in communication, which contribute to the determination of the way in which a mark is perceived. The brand is not only a logo, a product or a company: it is basically the image that of all this is projected outwards, and that determine the liking and therefore the success of the company to which it belongs. The big realities have made the Brand Identity a key point in the development of their business plan. Thinking about the big brands like Coca Cola or Adidas, we have undergone a very precise image: The logo, the colours, the product range, the advertising message. This is because they are multinational companies that have invested a lot in the recognition of corporate image. But the principle principles are exactly the same even for small entrepreneurial realities: having a logo and an easily recognizable coordinated image immediately identifies the company in the mind of the reference public, communicating the values and the mission in Primarily. This is why the logo becomes the element of recognition par excellence, the graphic design that in shape and colour embodies the very soul of the company.

Simple but not simplistic

Aiming for simplicity in the construction of a logo allows you to achieve something that is easily recognizable and identifiable. Therefore, avoid unnecessary additions or excessive number of shapes, colors, or fonts.


A logo must be versatile and adaptable to any shape or surface. It must be able to be printed on a business card or on a 30 metre high canvas without losing consistency and value.
This is why it should be designed with a vector graphics software.


The logo must be consistent with what the company wants to convey and with what it offers and sells. Then there are always exceptions: the logos of Apple or Microsoft do not make us understand that they sell computer products.


Have you tried to print it in reduced size? This is because a logo, when it works, must be able to be visible and recognizable even in small.

Invest in your image!