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Once the domain name is agreed, we can establish the website map on which we can study the content that will be included, we can then assess which images (free or paid) that will be associated to the site.

Easy to consult

Web content represents the new frontier of online marketing. Through the publication of persuasive content in the form of texts for corporate websites, posts, articles, it is indeed possible to increase organic traffic (natural) inbound, without spending a penny in advertising or Pay-for-click campaigns. Populating a corporate site or a virtual Web content store means investing money into something that lasts in time and continues to generate visits even after years.


That is suitable for all devices such as smartphones, tablets, PC etc…

The advantages of a RESPONSIVE website are many:

  • Facilitate navigation from mobile devices, increasingly popular and used to access the Web, making the site more appetizing to competing sites.
  • It may be a valued requirement in SEO terms for Google, the current main search engine.
  • It helps to create the opinion that the site is updated and vital, attentive to innovation.
  • Witnesses attention to the user.

Other features

Real Time Statistics

Monitors the activity on the site or application as it occurs.

“Real-time” allows you to monitor activity on the site or in the app when it occurs. Reports are constantly up to date and each hit is reported a few seconds after it occurs. For example, you can see how many people are visiting your site right in real time, what pages or events they’re interacting with and the conversions to the target that have occurred.

Multilingual and translatable

Times change and for many companies it is now a duty to have a multilingual internet site. But what is it specifically? We are talking about a professional internet site in multiple languages that can increase the number of users online.
From a commercial point of view, a large number of companies consider multilingual sites as an opportunity to open themselves to the foreign market and consequently to be known by a slice of more substantial public and to obtain more profits.

Social Networks or Websites?

We can read many articles related to “Web sites vs Social network” and also “websites or social networks”, as if to say that the relationship between these two communication tools can only be conflictual or that one of the two should be preferred to the other. One should instead talk about “websites and social networks”, reasoning in the perspective of a dialogue and connection between the two.

Easy to use interface

Easy-to-measure interface for the customer who can update their website.

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