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Content Quality

Together with the design, the choice of images, graphic settings and visual appearance, are fundamental elements for the success of a website.

The eye always wants its part, even in the computer world.

That's why, for a website, the first impact is the most important, and will determine whether a user will put their "trust" in all other pages. This is not only for the home page, but for all the pages of a site.

Statistics show Facts like:

  • Articles with relevant and quality images reach 94% more views.
  • Pages with images are shared 50% more.
  • People remember little about what they read, but if text is associated with an image, it increases by 80%.

It is therefore essential to be able to immediately attract the attention of users who have a few seconds to choose whether or not to continue browsing.


Image rights

It is known that on the Web every resource appears "free", always make sure that everything you are using is not subject to any restriction, especially for projects that have international ambitions. Better to buy pictures, get them done by a photographer or download images of free use.

Better camera or cellphone?

Better cell phone or camera? If until a few years ago such a comparison was certainly impossible, today it has become possible. The latest-generation smartphones are extremely powerful and versatile compared to the past and today allow you to take good quality images.But certainly the cameras are more versatile and with certain results.